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 Multiple times a day staff assist our consumers by transporting them to Holton Community Hospital to pick up laundry.

Our staff cleans and dries the laundry using industrial washing and drying machines.

Consumers then fold HCH's various laundry items.

Once the laundry is clean and folded, it is taken back to HCH and categorically sorted for easy access for hospital staff.

Cardboard Sheets

Jackson County Recycle Center

DSJC has partnered with the Jackson County Recycle Center. Our clients work on-site several days a week as needed. 


Day services and Admin Building

At Day Services, consumers have a daily option to earn money by providing janitorial services.

Cleaning windows, vacuuming/mopping, taking out trash and watering plants to earn  money for their everyday expenses.


One day per week consumers also provide these janitorial services at the administrative building.

Heritage Complex Picture1_edited.jpg
Jackson County Fair Association
Heritage Building

Consumers provide janitorial services.

Photo by Mickie Roy-Schultz Via Facebook


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