The agency was founded in 1986 as a result of concerned parents working in cooperation with advisors from Achievement Services of Northeast Kansas. Day services were the first focus of the program, with acquisition of our central office at 625 Vermont Avenue, near historic downtown Holton. Over the next decade, services were expanded to provide residential supports at the Quiet Oaks Apartments, a collaboration with Achievement Services, and several individual homes and apartments in the community. Over the years, the agency has operated a thrift store, and provided general public transportation. In 2008, the agency began focusing strictly on the enhancements of supports and programs for individuals affected by Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities. This involves individualized planning conducted by an interdisciplinary team of professionals and consumer families.


Day Services

Providing a meaningful experience in a variety of areas, including paid work, and individual social and life skills training. The primary work training is provided through a partnership to perform commercial linen laundering for the Holton Community Hospital. Training is also provided on lawn services and janitorial skills. In 2011, additional training was developed with the addition of chrysanthemum production, and planting of spring containers for a horticultural experience. Life and social skills are taught utilizing experience, community inclusion and a computer lab. 


Residential Services

Provided with individual apartments at Quiet Oaks, in a group setting at "The Parsonage," and a three-person bungalow, "Jersey House" and a four-person at the "Duplex".  Support includes medication administration, personal shopping, meal preparation, hygiene, and home upkeep, in addition to community recreation. At all locations, support is provided with overnight staff present. Independent persons served also live in their own homes and receive shopping and medical support needed.


Additional Services

DSJC works in cooperation with other Atchison and Jackson County providers, is affiliated with Douglas-Jefferson CDDO ( Cottonwood) and Shawnee County.


The agency promotes active community inclusion and participation, with an active recreational calendar. This includes participation in Special Olympics and adapted softball with the City of Atchison, as well as participation in community and faith-based events.


Rep Payee Services

A Representative Payee is a person or organization appointed by SSA that receives SSI payments for someone who cannot manage his or her money and needs assistance.  DSJC serves as a Representative Payee to insure bills are paid, keep track of receipts and provides fund requests for individuals. We also work with Social Security for notification of employment and income, provide quarterly financial reports and resolve issues with Social Security.


Administrators and managers at DSJC are proud members and supporters of Interhab, a trade association made up of community services providers across Kansas.